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Starting Syndication Business as an LP with Lee Johnson

In this Episode Lee shared his amazing Real Estate Journey. He talked about how you can start your syndication business as an LP, why you should work to add value and many more. You definitely don’t want to miss out on this awesome Episode.

Why Business and Family Don't Mix

Why Business and Family Don’t Mix

On this episode of the No BS Apartment Investing podcast, Lee joined Marc Cesar to educate our listeners by teaching them how they can leverage apartments to gain Financial Freedom and build wealth, empower them to take the necessary actions to get started, all while removing all the “FLUFF” that comes with investing in this…

Target Insights w/ John Casmon

Target Market Insights w/ John Casmon

Multifamily Insights is a podcast dedicated to providing the tips you need to be a successful apartment investor. The show focuses on market research, finding deals, attracting capital, branding, and content creation. Each week, John Casmon interviews specialists from brokers, investors, direct mail marketers, social media strategists, and more.